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Club Tour Marketing Director
AEG Live LLC (Los Angeles, CA)
Ice Rink Technician
AEG Ontario Arena LLC (Ontario, CA)
Marketing Manager
AEG Management SD LLC (San Diego, CA)
Director, Human Resources
AEG Management Oakland, LLC (Oakland, CA)
Partnership Analyst
AEG Global Partnerships LLC (Los Angeles, CA)
Account Executive, Partnership Activation
AEG Global Partnerships LLC (Los Angeles, CA)
Director, Marketing
AEG Management TWN LLC (Minneapolis, MN)
Vice President Partnership Sales
AEG Live LLC (Los Angeles, CA)
Guest Services Manager
AEG Management Pittsburgh LLC (Pittsburgh, PA)
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AEG Partners LLC
1849 Green Bay Road
Suite 270
Highland Park
IL 60035
p. 847-681-1818
f. 847-681-1819
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Location Type:HeadquartersCompany Type:Standard
Sector Type:Private CompaniesTicker:
Primary Industry:Financial ServicesSecondary Industry:
SIC Code:6000,6100,6200NAICS:

Name:Stephen L Kunkel
Title:Managing Director
Nickname:Date Appointed:7/2005
Biography:Mr. Kunkel has more than 20 years of experience in corporate restructuring, technology innovation, business operations and business development, including leading multi-million dollar corporate divisions and coordinating corporate acquisitions. His industry experience includes construction, engineering, commercial services, electronics technology, and environmental and industrial products. Prior to joining AEG Partners, Mr. Kunkel led the turnaround of a troubled construction design and engineering company as Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, he managed a $500 million restructuring effort for the industrial and European divisions of Safety-Kleen Corporation, a Fortune 500 industrial services company, advancing the company's international expansion and leading the strategic sale of international operations.
Name:Mr. Daniel Bender
Title:Managing Director
Nickname:Date Appointed:7/2005
Biography:Previously, Mr. Bender was a senior consulting manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers and principal of Novo Consulting's Chicago office, working with clients in the U.S., Europe and Japan. His extensive background in management and consulting includes work in process evaluation, design and implementation, cost reduction initiatives, as well as sales and marketing program development. Additionally, Mr. Bender has assisted companies in numerous industries, including consumer products, consumer electronics, insurance, information technologies, professional services, heavy equipment manufacturing and distribution.
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