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Job Openings
Claims Representative- Property
Farmers Insurance Group (Amarillo, TX)
Property Theft Claims Representative - Birmingham, AL
Farmers Insurance Group (Birmingham, AL)
Liability Claims Representative - Roswell, GA
Farmers Insurance Group (Roswell, GA)
Liability Claims Representative - Fremont/Hayward
Farmers Insurance Group (, )
Auto Property Damage Claims Representative- Midland/Odessa, Lubbock TX
Farmers Insurance Group (, )
Sales Representative - Specialty Sales
Farmers Insurance Group (Caledonia, MI)
Customer Service Representative
Farmers Insurance Group (Caledonia, MI)
Farmers Insurance Group (West Hartford, CT)
Customer Service Associate
Farmers Insurance Group (Oklahoma City, OK)
Claims Representative- Med/PIP
Farmers Insurance Group (Arlington, TX)
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Farmers Insurance Group
130 SKI Hill RD STE 125
CO 80424
p. 970-453-7190
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Location Type:HeadquartersCompany Type:Standard
Sector Type:Private CompaniesTicker:
Primary Industry:InsuranceSecondary Industry:
SIC Code:641112,6411NAICS:
Annual Sales (USD):$0-$999,999# of Employees:1-49

Name:Jan Franklin
Title:Chief Information Officer, Information Technology
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Steve Selnick
Title:Director, Information Technology
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Mr. Jerry Davies
Title:Director, Other
Nickname:Date Appointed:9/2006
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Mr. Davies joins Farmers from the Personal Insurance Federation of California, a state legislative and regulatory advocacy trade association headquartered in Sacramento where he has served as Director of Communications since 1995. Davies began his career working in television news in Miami, Florida while attending the University of Miami. After a nine-year stint anchoring and reporting news at KPLG-TV, Miami and KCCI-TV, Des Moines, Iowa, he became Press Secretary and Director of Research and Consumer Education for the Florida Insurance Commissioner. After leaving the Florida Insurance Department, Davies became a regional executive director in charge of 13 states in the mid- and southwest for the Insurance Information Institute, a national insurance educational trade association headquartered in New York.
Name:Barry Shelton
Title:Manager, Other
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Armando Venegas
Title:Manager, Operations
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Leon Watkins
Title:Manager, Other
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Mr. Mhayse Samalya
Title:President, Administration
Nickname:Date Appointed:11/2005
Biography:Mhayse Samalya joins Farmers from Hanover Insurance Company, where he was CEO and President since 2001. Mhayse joined Hanover in 1999 as President of their newly created Hanover South region. Mhayse has spent his entire career in the insurance business. He joined Hanover after a successful period with the Travelers group and then Citigroup, where he held a number of senior positions in the field including Regional Vice President and leading cross selling initiatives with Primerica Financial Services.
Name:Mr. Dave Dela Torre
Title:Vice President, Sales
Nickname:Date Appointed:4/2007
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Dela Torre joined Farmers in 1989 and has held positions of increasing responsibility in claims and in marketing. He moves to his new position from the State Executive Director of Nevada.
Name:Mr. Doug Menges
Title:Senior Vice President, Operations
Nickname:Date Appointed:4/2007
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Menges began his career with Farmers in the Baltimore, Md., Regional Office in August 1997, as operations vice president for East Coast expansion. The following year, he was promoted to regional vice president for group distribution. He has been serving as vice president—auto claims field operations since Jan. 2003.
Name:Mr. Jeffry V. Reinig
Title:Senior Vice President, Real Estate
Nickname:Date Appointed:4/2007
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Reinig joined Farmers in Aug. 1981 in the Merced, Calif., regional office as a property underwriter. He held various underwriting positions and has been service as vice president —underwriting since 2006.
Name:Ms. Russina Sgoureva
Title:Regional Vice President of Auto Product
Nickname:Date Appointed:8/2007
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Prior to Progressive, Ms. Sgoureva worked as a Vice President of Client Service at KPE, Los Angeles, and a Senior Consultant at McKinsey & Company in Los Angeles and Orange County. Ms. Sgoureva received a PhD and a BS in Applied Mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Ms. Sgoureva is active in community organizations having worked with the Huntington Library, Museum and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena; the McKinsey Adopt-A-School program in Los Angeles; and at Sacramento's Children's Home. Ms. Sgoureva, her husband Erik Saltmarsh and their son Alexander are relocating to the Los Angeles area.
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