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Seafood Sales Representative
Acme Smoked Fish Corp. (San Francisco, CA)
Credit Manager
Acme Tools (Grand Forks, ND)
Regional Seafood Sales Rep
Acme Smoked Fish Corp. (San Francisco, CA)
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Acme United Corporation
60 Round Hill RD
CT 06824-5172
p. 203-254-6060
f. 203-254-6019
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General Email:info@AcmeUnited.com800 Telephone:800-835-2263
Location Type:HeadquartersCompany Type:Standard
Year Founded:1867Asset Amount (USD):
Sector Type:Publicly Traded CompaniesTicker:ACU
Primary Industry:Health CareSecondary Industry:Manufacturing
SIC Code:5112NAICS:33994
Annual Sales (USD):$57,000,000# of Employees:116

Name:Mr. Paul G. Driscoll
Title:Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Accounting
Vice President, Administration
Secretary, Administration
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Biography:Paul G. Driscoll has served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Treasurer since October 2, 2002. Mr. Driscoll joined Acme as Director International Finance on March 19, 2001. From 1997 to 2001 he was employed by Ernest and Julio Gallo Winery including two years in Japan as Director of Finance and Operations. Prior to Gallo he served in several increasingly responsible positions in Sterling Winthrop Inc. in New York City and Sanofi S.A. in France.
Name:Mr. Larry H. Buchtmann
Title:Vice President, Operations
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Mr. Robert C Cavagnaro
Title:Vice President, Sales
Nickname:Date Appointed:1/2005
Name:Mr. Michael Peterson
Title:Vice President, Marketing
Nickname:Date Appointed:2/2007
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Mr. Peterson originally joined Acme United in March 2003 as Director of Marketing for Office Products and was promoted to Senior Director of Marketing in April 2004. Prior to Acme United, Mr. Peterson’s 12 years of progressive marketing experience with leading Consumer Brands includes Unilever, Bayer and Boehringer-Ingelheim.
Name:Ms. Evelyn Jennings
Title:Vice President, Sales
Nickname:Date Appointed:5/2007
Business Phone:Business Fax:
Biography:Prior to joining Acme United, Ms. Jennings spent over 20 years building leading market positions with Fortune Brands, Georgia Pacific, Alberto Culver and American Pad & Paper.
Name:Mr. James A. Benkovic
Title:Senior Vice President, Sales
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Mr. George R. Dunbar
Title:Member of Board of Directors, Corporate Planning
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Biography:George R. Dunbar has served as director since 1977. He is currently President of The U.S. Baird Corporation and Dunbar Associates, a municipal management consulting firm. He is a former Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Bridgeport and served as President (1972 – 1987) of the Bryant Electric Division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, manufacturer of electrical distribution and utilization products, Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Name:Mr. Richmond Y. Holden Jr.
Title:Member of Board of Directors, Corporate Planning
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Biography:Richmond Y. Holden, Jr. has served as director since 1998. He has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of J.L. Hammett Co. since 1992; Executive Vice President from 1989 to 1992. J.L. Hammett Co. is a distributor and retailer of educational products throughout the United States, and is one of the largest distributors to the K-12 educational marketplace.
Name:Mr. Stevenson E. Ward III
Title:Member of Board of Directors, Corporate Planning
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Biography:Stevenson E.Ward III has served as director since 2001. He is presently Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Triton Thalassic Technologies, Inc. From 1999 through 2000, Mr.Ward served as Senior Vice President – Administration of Sanofi-Synthelabo, Inc. He also served as Executive Vice President (1996 – 1999) and Chief Financial Officer (1994 – 1995) of Sanofi, Inc. and Vice President, Pharmaceutical Group, Sterling Winthrop, Inc. (1992 – 1994). Prior to joining Sterling he was employed by General Electric.
Name:Mr. Wayne R. Moore
Title:Member of Board of Directors, Corporate Planning
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Biography:Wayne R. Moore has served as director since 1976. He is presently Chairman Emeritus of The Producto Machine Company, manufacturer of machine tools, special machines, and tool die and mold components. He was Chairman of the Board of The Producto Machine Company and the Moore Special Tool Company, manufacturer of machine tools, measuring machines and metrology products. Mr. Moore was Chairman of the U.S. Machine Tool Builders/Association for Manufacturing Technology (1985 – 1986) and Committee Member of U.S. Eximbank (1984). He is a Trustee of the American Precision Museum and on the Board of advisors of the Fairfield University School of Engineering.
Name:Ms. Susan H. Murphy
Title:Member of Board of Directors, Corporate Planning
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Biography:Susan H. Murphy has served as director since 2003. She is presently Vice President for Student and Academic Services at Cornell University. From 1985 through 1994, Ms. Murphy served as Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid. Ms. Murphy has been employed at Cornell since 1978.
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