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Business Directory > Art Institute of Houston

Job Openings
Temporary High School Representative -Houston, TX
The Art Institutes (Houston, TX)
Business Development Representative Temp. – Houston/Houston-North, TX
The Art Institutes (Houston, TX)
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Art Institute of Houston
1900 Yorktown St STE 100
TX 77056-4197
p. 713-623-2040
f. 713-966-2700
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Location Type:SubsidiaryCompany Type:Standard
Sector Type:Private CompaniesTicker:
Primary Industry:EducationSecondary Industry:
SIC Code:822101,8221NAICS:
Annual Sales (USD):# of Employees:100-249

Name:Mr. Aaron McCardell
Title:Director, Education
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 3612 Business Fax:713-966-2797
Name:Chris Martin
Title:Director, Administration
Finance and Accounting
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 4144 Business Fax:713-966-2700
Name:Roger Walter
Title:Director, Human Resources
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 4130 Business Fax:713-966-2700
Name:Susanne Behrens
Title:Director, Professional Services
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 4165 Business Fax:
Name:Donna Sullivan
Title:Manager, Public Relations
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 4166 Business Fax:
Name:Teressa Smith
Title:Administrative Assistant, Administration
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Name:Alisa Krouse
Title:Dean, Student
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 4124 Business Fax:713-966-2701
Name:Dr. Ken Pascal
Title:Dean of Academic
Nickname:Date Appointed:
Business Phone:713-623-2040 3699 Business Fax:713-966-2700
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