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Unum (Chattanooga, TN)
Sales Coordinator
Unum (Boston, MA)
NCG UW Assistant
Unum (Portland, ME)
National Client Manager
Unum (Chicago, IL)
Client Manager
Unum (Columbus, OH)
Clinical Consultant
Unum (Glendale, CA)
Clinical Consultant
Unum (Portland, ME)
Underwriter Specialist
Unum (Portland, ME)
Service Specialist - National Client Group
Unum (Portland, ME)
Client Manager
Unum (Chicago, IL)
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Unum Group
1 Fountain Square
TN 37402
p. 423-294-1011
f. 423-755-3962
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Location Type:HeadquartersCompany Type:Standard
Sector Type:Publicly Traded CompaniesTicker:UNM
Primary Industry:InsuranceSecondary Industry:
Annual Sales (USD):$10,535,000,000# of Employees:11,100

Company Overview for Unum Group
Unum Group is a provider of group and individual income-protection insurance products in the United States and the United Kingdom. Company also provides a complementary portfolio of other insurance products, including long-term care insurance, life insurance, employer- and employee-paid group benefits, and other related services.
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