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Finance Manager
X PRIZE Foundation (Culver City, CA)
Marketing Intern - 2014
Cross X Platform (Audubon, PA)
Project Manager
X PRIZE Foundation (Culver City, CA)
Manager, Digital Marketing Strategy & Analytics
[x+1] (New York, NY)
Data Analyst
Digital-X, Inc (San Jose, CA)
Senior Level Accountant
WDA an [x+1] Company (East Lansing, MI)
Senior Manager, Analytics
[x+1] (New York, NY)
Senior Analyst, Media Strategy
[x+1] (New York, NY)
Business Partner needed
Company X (Times Square, NY)
Need Business Partner
Company X (Times Square, NY)
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X Inc Finance
Level 6, 56-60 Foster Street
Surry Hills
New South Wales 2010
p. 61-2-9018-8417
f. 61-2-9281-9049
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General Telephone:
Location Type:HeadquartersCompany Type:Standard
Sector Type:Private CompaniesTicker:
Primary Industry:Financial ServicesSecondary Industry:

Company Overview for X Inc Finance
X Inc Finance offers an eco mortgage rebate of $500 with all home loans organised through us for water saving devices.
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